Electric Vans go SPORTY… Finally a Van for the small business and one man bands?

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Finally we have a vehicle to meet the need of the #builders #electricians #carpenters and any kind of owner driver. @Vauxhall have given a sporty makeover too the UK’s biggest selling #electric van, the Vivaro E. I think this is great news as we are appealing to a new sector of the market, having previously just focused on the fleet sector.

A high standard specification coupled with a sporty look and strong electric vehicle credentials, with a range of 130 – 160 miles on a single charge and high charging speeds, will be very appealing to anybody considering their first or second electric van. Of course practicality is the first thought, and A 1 tonne payload, twin side loading doors and the ability to to up to 1000 kilos or make for a good practical van.