Introducing EV Essentials

Supporting the changing landscape of transport

EV Essentials has been born from a passion for the humble, yet hard working van, mixed with a fervour to see a cleaner and more sustainable mode of transport, to preserve this extraordinary world that we all live in.

However, the Automotive industry has a steep climb ahead to get over the oil fuel inheritance that we have been handed and a challenge like this is not for the faint hearted. This is where Paul Kirby decided to step up and step out of the comfort of corporate life and place himself in a position to help and signpost others to get them confidently started on their electric journey and offer support and education to all.

Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby is a gifted communicator and influencer with a wealth of experience and strong knowledge of the fast-changing automotive sector. This makes him ideally placed to bring your events to life as a keynote speaker; to offer thought leadership for business propositions and vehicle roll out; to train and educate your fleet and leasing teams, as well as share, promote and bring to life your story; which will no doubt involve his selfie stick and presenting skills!

Additionally, Paul is a founder member of The EV Café team and regularly presents on the highly interactive webinars focused on education and all things EV (Electric Vehicle) and Sustainable. He is also the primary host on the EV Café Takeaway; a podcast focused on giving a platform to the innovators and personalities of our industry to share their passion, knowledge and expertise.

Caroline Kirby

Caroline Kirby

A teacher by profession and at heart, Caroline’s passion is to inspire and motivate others to embrace their electric journey. Her strong communication and organisation skills ensure that everybody stays on track, whilst keeping a smile on their face. She has a keen eye on the wider world and how EV Essentials fits into it and has been the drive behind our giving and caring ethos.


Our core values include the importance of giving and we believe this is part of our social responsibility. This may look like time, support, or money – but we love to give where we can. EV Essentials are proud to be “Silver Future Builders” and regularly support a fantastic charity called TLG who offer early intervention to children and young people who need some extra help to give them a strong start in life.

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EV Essentials are strong advocates for supporting Mental Wellbeing and encourage authenticity. Let’s celebrate each other in the good times and let’s support each other in the troublesome ones. Paul is a trained Mental Health First Aider and both he and Caroline are happy for anyone to reachout to them for support – we are not experts, just people who care.