Essential Van Market Insights: September 2023

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If we take August in isolation, there’s even better news with electric van registrations increasing by 18.9% when pitched against the same month last year – especially when the overall van market only increased by 5%. That’s a market share of 6.9% compared to 6.1% last August, a good indicator of the increasing strength of the market for EV’s. All that said we remain concerned on the overall direction and impetus as the YTD market performance remains behind last years!

Let’s take a look at the BEV registration figures of some individual manufacturers with some help from the guys at New Automotive. There are some excellent performances with the Stellantis brands making a real impact with their electric van offerings. Vauxhall registered 295 electric vans in the month, a whopping 13% of their total van sales. Fiat achieved a 14% proportion of EV registrations, albeit from a fairly modest number overall, and Citroen’s 9% equated to 96 electric vans sold.

Market leader Ford stands out with 8% of the 4186 vans registered in August being pure electric – that’s above the overall average market share, and remember, only the E-Transit is contributing to this. We’d expect Britain’s best selling van, the Transit Custom to make a huge impact on this figure once the electric version hits the road in a few months time, and we can look forward to BEV derivatives of Courier and Connect soon, too. Lets hope we see this kind of performance continue from Ford – They will need to for the ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) Mandate target of 10% for 2024.