Breaking Records in the EV World

 28 September 2023

yellow and white trophy
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It’s nice to see the electric van industry appear in the Guinness Book of Records – a Fiat E-Scudo van now holds the record for travelling the furthest on a single charge.

Taking a total of 13 hours and 9 minutes, and being driven by a team of 3, the van achieved 311 miles driving a route in the relatively flat lands of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

Given that the van ‘only’ has a WLTP Combined range of 205 miles, this is pretty remarkable but, there’s always a danger that someone will buy an E-Scudo, put the best part of 1000kgs in the back and take it on a run on a cold winter’s day and wonder why they’re struggling to achieve half of that record figure. As ever, it’s so important for customers to be correctly qualified and expectations managed by the selling dealers.

Let’s not detract from this record breaking (or setting?) achievement but, although undertaken for the PR opportunities, it just goes to show that those WLTP figures which many struggle to match in the real world can, in certain circumstances be turned on their head

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