EV Essentials Market Movements October 2023

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Well, it’s been a RECORD month in the electric van world – I’ll touch on this a little later but, firstly, lets take a look at the September LCV registration figures which, however you look at them are nothing more than excellent news for us advocates of the electric van.

The SMMT has reported that the months LCV registrations as a whole are up 28.1% compared to September 2022, and, looking at the year to date figures, an increase of 20.8% has been achieved. This is great but, the big news is the 85.9% increase in BEV registrations (diesel only managing 23.6%). And no, that’s not a typo. 2882 units this September, which the biggest month ever for eLCV, compared to 1550 last year which whacks market share up to 6.4% from 4.4%. This has put a whole new light on year to date stats too, with a 25.9% increase in registrations (compare that to 20.3% for diesel), and market share slowly but surely climbing to 5.5% from 5.3%. We really are heading in the right direction with some great products and with businesses of all sizes realising that an electric van is something that will work for them.

Which manufacturers are moving and shaking? Thanks to our friends at newautomotive.org, we can see that representing the Stellantis group Vauxhall is continuing to show others just how it is done with an amazing performance, 22% (947 units) of Vauxhall’s registrations being electric. That’s almost a quarter, and up from 13% last month leading the way with the Vivaro-e. Also doing very well is Nissan, with their 400 BEV registrations forming 29% of their total. This could be down to the Townstar EV arriving at dealers, a fabulous electric van sharing a platform with Renault and Mercedes-Benz. Speaking of the German firm, it is worthy of mention with its 8% BEV share of its sales. With improved eVito and eSprinter becoming available Mercedes-Benz is definitely one to watch.

Ford registered 518 electric vans in September which make up around 4% of the company’s total LCV registrations, a significant improvement on its recent performance, but, as I mentioned last month, remember that this is being achieved by just one model, the E-Transit. Just wait until the E-Transit Custom comes on stream in a few months time Custom is by far Britain’s best selling van. That said, they will have to ramp up to meet the 10% volume target for next year set by the ZEV Mandate.